Welcome to the World’s Best Affiliate Program, where you can earn up to 40% commission on all products, in addition to HUGE cash rewards every month. Our number one priority is providing our affiliates with outstanding service and always keeping them up to date with our affiliate discord. On top of these awesome perks, if you refer people to our program, you will receive commission for each item they sell! The details are below in the FAQs. 

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Affiliate Rewards:

Each month, if you reach this certain number of orders, you will receive an instant cash reward! 

- 10 Orders : $30 
- 20 Orders: $70
- 35 Orders: $120
- 50 Orders: $170
- 100 Order: $425

Affiliate Tiers: 

Every month you are in the program, you will be promoted 1 tier and your commission will be increased
(you must make at least 10 sales per month for your tier to be increased)

Tier I - 16% Commission
Tier II - 26% Commission
Tier III - 36% Commission
Tier IV - 40% Commission 

Your commission will be limited once you reach Tier 4 after 4 months.

Affiliate Referrals:

Refer another Instagram page with 15k or more followers to our program and receive 5% additional commission from all their sales (you get 5% and they get their normal commission). You will be provided with the appropriate referral link on Affiliately. 


How is my commission tracked?

- When a customer clicks your link, you will receive commission for any products they purchase within 30 days. 

How am I payed?

- You will be paid every week through your option of Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo.

How do I promote ads and start making money?

- Use the ad package you are provided with after signup, post your affiliate link to your page, and post as frequently as you would like. 

Is there an Affiliately tutorial?

- Yes! - http://www.affiliatly.com/blog/affiliate-tutorial/ 

DM @_worldsbest_ on Instagram if you have any other questions. 
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